We believe everyone has gifts from God and can use their gifts to have a positive impact in the world. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to create the positive impact you desire when you’re worried about paying your bills. At JP Snyder, we know you work hard for your money. Let us help you make your money work hard for you!
~Jeff & Judi

About Us

At JP Snyder, we know that money matters can keep you up at night. Whether you struggle with the stress of paying bills or saving for the future or investment overwhelm, we’re committed to supporting you in creating Work Optional Wealth – starting today!

What is Work Optional Wealth?

It’s profitability that’s not tied to your paycheck. In other words, wealth that makes work optional. Not that you wouldn’t continue to do the things you love, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the choice? (YES!)

Meet Your Work Optional Wealth Success Team

Jeff and Judi are fiercely committed to supporting their clients as they identify their financial goals and objectives, develop money rules that facilitate the purpose for their money, and create a personalized "Wealth TrackTM" proprietary roadmap to permanent wealth.

Meet Jeff

For the first 40 years of my life, I followed my father’s advice...It was a simple formula:

Good Grades + Big Stable Company + Hard Work x Years = Recognition + Rewards + Security + Retirement


I executed the plan religiously for years… until my father passed away unexpectedly. In that instant, I was thrust into the role of managing my mother’s financial future.

You may have heard the adage Nothing ever happens TO us. It happens FOR us.

This synchronistic event began my new path.

My father’s passing placed me directly in the world of finance, investments, and retirement planning. I quickly discovered that the financial industry was rigged – and NOT in our favor.


It became crystal clear to me that old school investment strategies would never give my mother the peace of mind she longed for - and deserved. Thus began my lifelong pursuit of reliable, smart, savvy financial and investment solutions.

People called me crazy, but I wasn’t interested in high risk models or in paying the big fees associated with the traditional stock market. (I thought they were crazy for assuming all that risk!)

My metamorphosis from student to teacher continued in the form of a new opportunity as manager for a national insurance company focused on retirement planning. That’s where JP Snyder was born.

I created our independent investment firm to meet and exceed the needs of business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors who all wanted “off Wall Street” options.

Since opening our doors in 1998, I’ve not only uncovered the secrets of successful wealth building. I’ve developed a proprietary approach to financial freedom. Whether you are starting with a couple hundred dollars or millions, our system will work for you!

Meet Judi

26 years of living the corporate “dream” as a career sales and marketing executive in medical capital equipment led me to realize I was a P.O.W. – a prisoner of work.


Overwhelm, exhaustion, stress, and deadlines loomed large until I woke up one day and realized there had to be something more for me. A place in the world where I could use my talents and passions to design my future - AND still have time to play!

In 2003, I met my husband Jeff. In witnessing his success, I recognized my own shortcomings. While professionally I was known as The Finance Diva, made millions of dollars year after year, always landed in the top 3 in sales for my company, I had a dirty little secret. I couldn’t tell you anything about my investments! Worse yet, I was not creating permanent wealth, nor was I financially independent from my company.

Judi Teaching

That all quickly changed when Jeff and I started dating (thank God!). Today, I am fiercely committed to guiding those who want to learn about their money and understand their investing options so they can create their financial freedom day sooner rather than later. I am living proof that it is never to late to start!

Because I transitioned from Corporate America to Entrepreneur, I understand the unique challenges that come along with making money from your passion and expanding your mind to build a healthy “Wealth Esteem”. I became a CeFT® (Certified Financial Transitionist®) through The Sudden Money Institute to further expand my knowledge and solutions for those going through financial transition. After all, “When life changes, money changes. And when money changes, life changes.”

Our Collective Specialized Experience Includes:

  1. Off Wall Street strategies such as Cash Value Life Insurance, Life Settlements, Structured Settlements, Structured Cash Flows, Annuities and Arbitrage Strategies for Guaranteed Income/Growth
  2. Best in Class Network of Professionals specializing in Commercial Cash Flow Real Estate, Oil & Gas Offerings and PPM’s (Private Equity)
  3. Coaching Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Retirees and Investors on how to identify their goals and introduce the tools that can transform their resources into their dreams!
  4. Developing Charitable Strategies for all levels of Donors and providing Portfolio Volatility Protection for Endowment Funds
  5. Certified Financial Transitionist, CeFT® through The Sudden Money Institute
  6. Reinvention or Career Transition Coaching and Investment Coaching
  7. Developing Educational Programs focusing on Personal and Professional Money Rules, Due Diligence in the Investment Process