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JP Snyder Investment Strategists

What if you never again had to worry about what Wall Street’s doing with your money?

Or how long you could survive on savings without the perks of your paycheck?

What if there was a proven way to build wealth that’s both work-optional AND independent of Wall Street?

Welcome to JP Snyder, a "boutique" financial services firm. Our proprietary approach specializes in alternative financial strategies uncorrelated to today's volatile stock market, declining real estate market, political climate, or economic conditions.

We believe in a collaborative approach to investing and that every investor should have a team of advisors who represent “Best in Class” for their investment class.

As experts in the Best Investments You’ve Never Heard of, we help you understand, make, keep, and multiply your money! (Yes, this is possible. Let us show you how!)

Schedule a complimentary strategy session to learn how we can help you achieve your financial freedom day!

We do our best work with:


  • Seek alternatives to stock market volatility
  • Want to diversify among all asset classes
  • Are tired of paying high fees and still losing their money
  • Desire "Wealth that Makes Work Optional"


  • Are wondering when they can retire and concerned they may run out of money
  • Would like to know the benefits of a MoreO1K vs. other wealth building and retirement plans
  • Experience sudden money windfalls and/or financial transitions


  • Bought themselves a job when they started their business and want to stop trading time for money
  • Crave a process to create assets outside their business so they can execute any exit plan they choose
  • Want to understand how to price your products and services properly so you can delegate and outsource your projects
  • Are ready to harvest money from their profits to create wealth that makes work optional

Let us show you how to create, build, and multiply your Work Optional Wealth!


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