• How to achieve “Work Optional Wealth”, by designing a plan that will deliver, with mathematical certainty, the passive residual income streams needed to exceed your desired lifestyle for life!
  • How to get TRUE diversification across all asset classes not the “de-worsification” typically offered by Wall Street.
  • What is the one uncorrelated asset class that Wall Street doesn’t want you to know about and why it should be in your portfolio.
  • Why your most important ROI may not be “return on investment” but “reliability of income”


What is most important when choosing an advisor to recommend investments…Personality or Results?

April 18, 2014, 1:38 pm, Uncategorized

This article introduces a program that will match your personality with financial advisors. Not sure what I think about this concept. Admittedly it is a good start to consider personality when choosing any professional you will be working with long term. However…shouldn’t “results” and “investments offered” be the #1 consideration? When it comes to investing results are #1 then personality match. I have enough friends at my ripe old age of 55 so when it comes to money, I want an advisor whose philosophy and results are a match to my personal goals and objectives for my money. Of course there needs to be trust and confidence but performance, investment offerings and philosophy are most important and I suspect that if those qualities are congruent so will the “personality”.


There is NOTHING mutual about a Mutual Fund!

September 24, 2013, 1:34 pm, Investments, Money, Resources, Retirement Cash Flow, Retirement Planning, Safe Investing

This will be the best 50 minutes you will ever invest in learning about the financial industry! This documentary is well worth your time! Take a listen, maybe while you are on the treadmill or cooking or whatever, there is more financial education in this doc then we get in an average lifetime! Knowing this info can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime of saving for retirement!


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